Michelle Lisa Anderson

Loving a man who drinks too much or suffers from substance abuse doesn’t have to mean constantly worrying he will never get sober, listening to hurtful criticism and blame, or being lied to. The Love Over Addiction Community can help you create a warm, peaceful home, feel loved, courageous and rested, and know exactly what to do when he starts "acting up."

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What women are saying

Practical solutions that will transform your life.

Michelle shows us how to create peace and happiness in our home and heart and tools that truly help ease our pain.

Love Over Addiction is the most effective program in regards to bringing a positive change to my life.

Michelle reminds readers they are precious, and then empowers them to take charge of those things they are able to change. I look forward to referring many of my clients to this book in the future.

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I've never heard it put this way, but such truth. I know that my prayers have led me to your blog!! God is good!!!

I have been reading Michelle's blog and purchased the Love Over Addiction Program, and I have got to say it has been life changing for me. EVERYTHING she has said and written seems as though they were my words.

When I was at my lowest I found this site, my saving grace, my lifeline, I felt like someone had thrown a life raft out into the ocean I was drowning in.

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